JH Automatic Bedding and Feeding Technology

The system JHminiStrø automatically distributes bedding materials such as straw, hay, sawdust, sand and separated or dried manure solids. In addition, the system is ideal for feeding roughage to sows and/or organic chickens. The system can be installed in both existing and new stables. JHminiStrø robots are small, but hardworking and distributes material several times a day in contrast to other systems.

The JHminiStrø products have been produced since 2004.

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Separated Manure

Straw and sawdust


Deep litter

Employment material to pigs

Feeding roughage to chicken or sows

A JHminiStrø system consists of

 A rail system
 A filling station, where material is stored and filled in the robot
 A robot that distributes the material in the stable

The filling of bales or loose material in the filling station is the only manual work in connection with the system.

Advantages of automatic distribution

Large capacity
Little manual work
Individual distribution in groups
Save up to 30 % of bedding material
Distribute several times a day
Little noise in the stable (batteries)
Robot does not interfere with the daily rhythm in the stable

Programming of robot

The programming of the robot is done via a control panel. Via the buttons functions are programmed: start/stop distributing, distribution amount and width, distribute only right or left, start/stop filling etc. The robot navigates in the stable via markers placed on the rail system.

For all robots apply:

 drive 2-30 m / min.
 CPU control
 18 different tracks
 up to 8 times daily
 battery operated

Rail System

The JHminiStrø robots operates on rails IPE 100-160 depending on the weight of the robot. The robot can also pass through 90 degree curves and automatic rail switches. The rail is mounted on trusses or on the inventory in the stable. It is rarely necessary to strengthen the trusses in the stable, when installing a JHminiStrø system.