We are updating our website

For a number of years we have had a website dedicated to the Danish market – www.jhstaldservice.dk – and a website dedicated to all our export markets – www.jhagro.com. Our official company name has been JH Staldservice A/S, but since the start of May this has been changed to JH Agro A/S, and in this connection we also changed the logo of our company.

We have therefore decided to merge the 2 websites into one common and new website – www.jahgro.com. Changing and updating a website takes a lot of time and resources, and there might be times, where our customers, suppliers and business associates might have difficulties entering our websites, for which we apologize. However the final result will be great, and in future we will have much more news about our company, events and not least our products.

Kind regards

Lars Rahbæk, CEO

Offer on new control system for JH MiniStrø

A new and innovative control system for JH MiniStrø
With the new generation of our control system for JH MiniStrø, JH Agro has emphasized higher user-friendliness, increased flexibility and brand new applications for the farmer.
It is possible to retrofit the new control system to all existing JH MiniStrø systems, and it is now our recommended control system for future JH MiniStrø installations.
The farmer receives a number of improvements and enhancements with the new control system, which includes a new switching zone system that allows up to 5 MiniStrø units on each rail system, as well as making it possible to operate the system via PC, mobile or tablet.
We have also developed a new weighing system that provides precise readings, simple feed curve settings, and accurate feed consumption detection, and is easy to read on the large 10″ touch screen.
We have listened to customer inputs and turned thise into tangible improvements in the system operations. In order to get the full benefit of the new control system, WIFI must be available with Internet access in the stable. This also allows the farmer to get remote support from JH Agro.
Until the end of August, our customers will receive a 15% promotional discount when placing an order on the new control system. We are already in the process of upgrading to new controls at existing customers.
Please contact our sales department for further information.