Christmas holiday at JH Agro

From Thursday 24 December 2020 to Sunday 3 January 2021, the office and workshop at JH Agro will be closed.

The entire tam at JH Agro is wishing all our customers, suppliers and business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in the coming year.


Executive changes at JH Agro

Lars Rahbæk is stepping down as CEO of JH Agro and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thorkild Hviid, will become the new CEO.

Lars Rahbæk joined JH Agro as CEO at the beginning of January 2018, tasked with leading a comprehensive turnaround and for making the company ready for significant growth in export markets. Since then turnover and export trade has increased, and the contribution margin has improved while losses have decreased.

A turnaround is a difficult task for everyone involved and it requires many strategic and operational changes along the way. “We have had a good and open discussion about this with the Board of Directors, and by mutual agreement it has now been decided that Lars Rahbæk shall step down as CEO and also resign from the Board of Directors,” explained Thorkild Hviid, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Lars has made a strong and tireless contribution, and in all honesty, he deserved to see the full completion of his efforts,” emphasised Thorkild Hviid.

From 1 December, principle shareholder Rasmus Normann Andersen will take up the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Thorkild Hviid will commence as CEO. However, the process will be a transitional one and Lars Rahbæk will continue to be a part of the company through to the beginning of 2021. “Lars and I will operate as a partnership for a number of weeks and then we can give Lars a proper and well-earned departure at the beginning of the new year,” said Thorkild Hviid.

“It has been an incredibly exciting task and the last three years at JH Agro have been very satisfying and have given me new experiences and tools. However, JH Agro has reached a point where it makes sense to try new ideas and it also requires looking at the task with a fresh pair of eyes and new energy,” said Lars Rahbæk.

“The Board of Directors and I have enjoyed significant support from the employees even though it has been a tough process at times. I therefore owe the employees, customers and our suppliers a great deal of gratitude, but I am also certain that Thorkild will lead the company the last part of the way, toward several new markets and a business that is in the black,” ended Lars Rahbæk.

On behalf of the shareholders, Rasmus Normann Andersen, also thanked Lars Rahbæk for his efforts at JH Agro. “The green transformation of agriculture has unfortunately not taken place at the pace or to the extent that we had expected and hoped for. JH Agro has therefore not completely achieved the goals that we had set in the Board of Directors,” explained Rasmus Normann Andersen. “However, Lars’ efforts are fully endorsed and JH Agro is in a good position in relation to reaping the rewards of the green initiatives that are expected to be implemented as part of climate action plans, etc.,” said Rasmus Normann Andersen

“Agriculture has a huge potential in relation to climate and the green transformation, and JH Agro products help to significantly reduce the climate footprint (CO2, ammonia, methane gas and nitrous oxide) of the many great foodstuffs that Danish farmers produce. There continue to be more farmers who are beginning to understand this,” ended Rasmus Normann Andersen.

For more information contact

Thorkild Hviid by email at or

Lars Rahbæk by email at


JH Agro has hired a Key Account Manager for Europe

At JH Agro we are preparing for expansion in Europe, and we have therefore hired Henrik Blæsbjerg as Key Account Manager, Europe. Henrik will take on responsibility for sales and marketing of the products JH MiniStrø and JH Acidification NH4+ to distributors and farmers in a series of markets in Europe.

Henrik Blæsbjerg has a solid background as electrician and electrical energy-technology engineer, but since 1999 he has worked within sales to distributors and consumers, among others at SKOV group and Cimbria Unigrain. At JH Agro Henrik will focus on expanding our position at existing distributors and customers, and establishing both new markets and partners, primarily in Europe.

Agriculture has a large potential within climate change and green transformation, and the products of JH Agro contributes to a comprehensive reduction of the climate footprint (CO2, ammonia, methane gas and nitrous oxide) from the many good and healthy food products produced by European farmers. A growing numbers of markets in Europe are opening up to this transformation, both on political level and among farmers. Therefore it is important, that we are close to our distributors and customers, and that we can deliver the knowledge and support needed along the way.


Christmas holidays at JH Agro

From Thursday 24th December until Sunday 3rd January (both days included) the office and workshop at JH Agro will be closed for Christmas Holidays.


Time to Invest in the future of slurry management!

Time to invest in the future of slurry management!
Now is the right time to invest in the future of slurry management in intensive animal housing facilities, with the system that reduces emissions, automates slurry management, improves animal welfare, increases productivity and retains nutrients in treated slurry, benefiting soils and crop yields.
Contact Quentin Kelly-Edwards, Sales Manager UK & Ireland


The work has now started in the REM project

JH Agro participates in the GUDP-supported project, Reduction of Emissions from Mark (REM). It is a project which runs over 3 years with the Danish Technological Institute the project manager. In addition to JH Agro, the companies, FCSI and N2Applied, also participate.

JH Agro must initially collect degassed slurry from Grønhøj Biogas and MEC Biogas (Måbjerg), where  part of this slurry then must be acidified before it is delivered to the trial farm Koldkærgård at the Danish Technological Institute.

The acidification of the slurry takes place at Grønhøj Experimental Station, where JH Agro performs part of its experiments.

In the picture, Louise Hjorth Noremark from the Danish Technological Institute is taking a slurry test from the process tank, and our service technician Jacob Bjerregaard is responsible for the acidification runs as it should.

The goal of JH Agro is to document the positive effect of slurry acidification. Partly by measuring emissions from storage tanks, and later in the project by applying manure on different soil types and crops.

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Summer Holidays 2020

This year JH Agro will not be closed down during the summer holidays, but we will run on reduced manning in the weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31.
In these weeks we could experience longer than normal repsonse time and delivery time.
If you have jobs, that we should take care of before the holidays, then please call us on +45 97 42 81 89


JH Agro Summer holidays 2020

This year JH Agro will not be closed down during the summer holidays, but we will run on reduced manning in the weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31.

In these weeks we could experience longer than normal repsonse time and delivery time.

As a starting point we will not start up or be working on large projects in these weeks, and our service technicians will be dedicated to urgent tasks.

This message will be published again in a few weeks, when we get closer to the holidays


Important information to our customers regarding Covid-19 action plan

Holstebro, March 12, 2020

At JH Agro, we took the first steps last week to limit the risk of infection between our employees and between the employees and our customers.

All our employees will continue to attend work as long as they are well and in good health.

We have organized our administration so that a minimum of employees meet up at the office. At the present time we have 8 employees who have been imposed to work from home.

We have stressed the most important hygiene rules to our employees as well as to follow the recommendations regarding contact with other persons.

We are still working on ongoing projects with customers, and we will also continue production on existing and future projects. This is one of our top priorities.

So far, we have cancelled all activities outside the country, except for the tasks handled by local sales representatives and partners.

As a rule, we do not receive visits from abroad, unless this is critical for the company, and can be carried out in accordance with the current Covid-19 restrictions.

We have kept our internal and external meetings to an absolute minimum. Our employees have been asked to use the telephone, e-mails and Skype as the most important means of communication.

We recommend that suppliers and other business associates do not visit JH Agro, unless this has been agreed upon in advance, and that the meeting is critical.

With some customers, we perform critical repairs (feeding and slurry scraping) and it is a top priority for us, that we can still ensure a quick and competent solution to these tasks.

We still have a 24-hour on-call service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Maintaining this on-call service is a top priority.

We hope, and believe, that all of our customers, suppliers and business associates will understand these initiatives and plans.

Should there be any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact:
Lars Rahbæk, Managing Director – or 40132264
Mette Klit, Supply Chain & Quality Manager – or 61666015

Best regards
JH Agro A/S 

Lars Rahbæk
Managing Director


JH Agro A/S is restructuring for further export growth

Within the last 2 years the export share at JH Agro has risen from around 15 % to well-above 50 %, and it is the long term expectation, that an increasing share of the turnover will come from existing and new export markets. This growth will be generated from the slurry acidification product JH Acidification NH4+, but also the bedding and feeding product JH MiniStrø will contribute to the growth.

It demands a lot form a company, when the export share rises fast within just very little time, and this is also one of the triggers for the restructuring process. The number of departments and managers will be reduced from 7 to 4, and the continuing management team will have very specific responsibilities and tasks, that shall support the 2 main focus areas – increased turnover and increased quality assurance throughout the organization.

The increasing focus on export markets does not mean, that the attention to the Danish home market is downgraded, on the contrary. Denmark will still be one of our most important markets, in particular as most of our know-how and innovation originates from here. There is no doubt, that our existing and new versions of the slurry acidification technology will have a position as important climate technologies, while also creating a series of financial values for the farmer.

In future JH Agro will have 4 departments, with the managers reporting to CEO Lars Rahbæk. Business and Product development is handled within the management


Finance & Administration – Helle Madsen, Finance Manager
Creditors, debtors, accounting and financial reporting, staff administration and other administrative tasks.

Supply Chain & Quality – Mette Klit, Supply Chain & Quality Manager
Purchasing, warehouse, production, forwarding, safety and quality.

Products & Projects – Lars Forbech, Product Manager
Products, management and handling of JH Acidification NH4+ and JH MiniStrø projects, repairs and maintenance, service agreements, customer and dealer support

Sales & Marketing – Lars Rahbæk
Sales to customers, sales via dealers, customer advise, marketing, branding and communication


JH Agro is exhibiting af the Lamma 2020 exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham.

You will find us together with Linton & Robinson Environmental in Hall 12 at Stand 324.
Lamma is the UK’s leading agricultural machinery, equipment and technology show, bringing together more than 40,000 visitors.


Christmas holidays at JH Agro

From Monday 23rd December to Wednesday 1st January (both days included) the office and workshop at JH Agro is closed.


JH Agro is supporting the Danish Diabetes Society

Every year JH Agro employees are receiving very nice Christmas gifts from suppliers and business partners. Last year we started a tradition of collecting all these gifts. Our employees are then invited to buy lottery tickets for a big lottery, that is taking place at our annual Christmas closing. Last year we were able to donate more than 700 EUR to the Danish Cancer Society, and this year we have chosen to donate the total amount to the Danish Diabetes Society.

We send our warmest greetings to our suppliers and partners, who are making this possible, and thanks a lot to all our employees, who are enthusiastically buying tickets to support the good cause.


JH Agro establishes a Customer Support function

At JH Agro we have an increasing export share on JH Acidification NH4+ and JH MiniStrø, and this has led to an increasing need for a person dedicated to customer support.

We have therefore appointed Thorstein F. Hansen to Support Lead. So far, Thorstein has worked as Service Technician on JH Acidification NH4+.

Thorstein will take over the responsibility for support towards dealers and customers, both in Denmark and in our export markets, and he will be deeply involved in the training of existing and new dealers, as well as our sales team and the team of service technicians.

Thorstein has been involved in the development of our control systems for JH Acidification NH4+ and JH MiniStrø, in within his new role he will take over the responsibility for this important work.

Together with our Quality Manager Mette Klit, Thorstein will also be involved in the development and updates of our entire product documentation on both products.

Our Customer Support, and thereby Thorstein, will be available within our normal business opening hours, which you will find on our website

We look forward to implementing this substantial improvement of our Customer Support function, and we wish Thorstein best of luck with his new areas of responsibility and work tasks.


Holger Schulz will represent JH Agro on JH Acidification NH4+ in Germany

Since the autumn of 2017, Holger Schulz has represented JH Agro in the northern part of Germany, and in a few other export markets. The primary focus for Holger Schulz has been our automatic bedding distribution system, JH MiniStrø, but he has also spent considerable time on investigating the market potential for our slurry acidification system, JH Acidification NH4+.

Earlier this year we received the first firm order for the JH Acidification NH4+ system in Germany, and Holger Schulz has been deeply involved in the process from the early start. We also see an increasing demand for information on our slurry acidification system, both from farmers, farming consultants and the political/legislative decision makers.

We have therefore appointed Holger Schulz to represent JH Agro on the JH Acidification NH4+ system all over Germany, and we are delighted to inform you, that Holger Schulz has accepted both the challenge and the responsibility. We are confident, that Holger Schulz will service all our existing and new customers in a very professional and competent way, and he has a strong team in Denmark to back him up, not least our Product Manager Lars Forbech, who has the overall responsibility for our slurry acidification solutions, both existing and new products.

On the picture from left to right: Lars Rahbæk, CEO – Holger Schulz, Sales Manager – Lars Forbech, Product Manager


10 years anniversary as JH Agro distributor

This week we have a training session at our JH Academy. 4 of our distributors from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are participating in a 3 days training session on our JH MiniStrø system.
On top of all the training and hard work, we also had the pleasure of congratulating Jan-Pieter Aanen from Aanen Stal Totaal on his 10 years anniversary as JH MiniStrø distributor in the Netherlands.
Throughout these 10 years Jan-Pieter has installed 28 JH MiniStrø, and he is also assisting other distributors with installation and other tasks.
We are very thankful to Jan-Pieter, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation.
– Lars Rahbæk, CEO

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To further strengthen our organization, as of 1 May, we have employed Mette Klit as Quality Manager.

Mette will primarily work to ensure high customer satisfaction, high delivery reliability and competitive prices.

At the same time, she will work to ensure the quality, that has characterized JH Agro’s products for decades.

Mette’s very first task, however, is to get full focus on the updating of the documentation on our products, including our user manuals, assembly instructions and CE markings.

Mette comes from a position as production manager at Superfos, but has previously worked with the introduction of quality management systems and is trained in quality management, LEAN and ISO 9001-14001.

With the appointment, we expect to be able to further consolidate our position in the market, as a competitive and reliable partner for the farmer.


Our JH MiniStrø system has been sold to a large number of farmers in and outside Denmark

The system is used for cows, pigs and poultry, and you have the possibility to use a wide range of beeding materials, such as straw, sand, fiber etc.
Contact our Product Manager Martin Andresen for more information on our flexible product solution:

You are more than welcome to share our mobile-video.

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The biggest contract in the history of our company!


JH Agro A/S and Elsham Linc Ltd., UK has just signed contracts for 10 JH Acidification NH4+ systems.
The 10 systems are scheduled for delivery from the start of 2019 and 2 years ahead.

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Another 2 big orders for JH Acidification NH4+ in the UK

H Agro has closed another 2 big orders for the slurry acidification systems with Elsham Linc Ltd, in Lincolnshire UK.

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JH Agro and JMW Farms signs contract on the first slurry acidification system in the UK

During the summer period JH Agro A/S and JMW Farms Ltd. have signed a contract for delivery of the first JH Acidification NH4+ system in the UK. The system is to be installed on a farm in Northern Ireland.

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JH Agro is closed for summer holidays in week 29 and 30

From Saturday 14th July until Sunday 30th July JH Agro is closed for summer holidays. In urgent matters please call our office on our main number +45 97 42 81 89, but please expect a certain time for answering your call, as there is very few employees available in these 2 weeks.

We wish all our customers, suppliers and business partners a fantastic summer, hopefully with a good mix of sun and rain.

Kind regards

Lars Rahbæk, Managing Director


JH Agro invests massively in innovation

Since the turn of the year, a number of internal initiatives have been launched to strengthen market and customer focus, product prioritization, overall efficiency and quality across the company. It has been a tough but necessary process, as it was important to focus on the absolute core values, and it was just as important to define the value, that we should create with the farmer.

Our competitiveness in the market is based on delivering added value and environmental value, delivering flexible efficiency, and not least that our overall development is based on customer-focused, sustainable and environmentally beneficial innovation.

For many years, JH Agro has provided service and maintenance for farmers in large parts of Jutland, and it will continue to be a strong field of action in the future. However, there is no doubt that the future growth of the company will be from the sale of the 2 absolute top products; JH MiniStrø and JH Acidification NH4 +. Therefore,  the owner has  invested massively in the further development of these products, and it has materialized in a number of important milestones for the company and its customers in 2018.

„We have just launched a completely new and groundbreaking control and management system for JH MiniStrø. The new system allows the farmer to work with up to 5 MiniStrø units per rail system, the system can be operated and controlled by PC, mobile or tablet, and in the new control system, a traffic system has been incorporated, so that JH MiniStrø can multitask“, says CEO Lars Rahbæk.

In the field of slurry treatment and management, JH Agro has had the JH SmellFighter approved for the important Danish Technology List for pigs,  with a remarkable, well documented performance of up to 51% odor reduction.

The company’s JH Acidification NH4 + gives a documented ammonia reduction of up to 64%, whilst at the same time giving the farmer a higher nitrogen value in the slurry, which can increase the yield in crops by up to 15%.

“In addition, but of high interest to farmers, the lower ammonia level in the stable will increase animal welfare, thereby contributing to better feed utilization and better growth, resulting in higher returns”, underlines Lars Rahbæk.

„We are also working on a couple of major projects that will provide new knowledge and new opportunities for slurry acidification. Our vision is, that we, with our product solutions in the field of slurry acidification, we must be able to handle slurry from pigs, cattle and poultry, conventional and organic, and that the acidified slurry must add value to the soil, but also that the acidified slurry can be delivered to biogas plants. It is a very ambitious goal which has required significant investments. This is absolutely relevant, since it will ultimately create a huge added value for the farmer; and for this particular reason we decided to dedicate large sums and resources to innovation“, concludes Lars Rahbæk.

We are updating our website

For a number of years we have had a website dedicated to the Danish market – – and a website dedicated to all our export markets – Our official company name has been JH Staldservice A/S, but since the start of May this has been changed to JH Agro A/S, and in this connection we also changed the logo of our company.

We have therefore decided to merge the 2 websites into one common and new website – Changing and updating a website takes a lot of time and resources, and there might be times, where our customers, suppliers and business associates might have difficulties entering our websites, for which we apologize. However the final result will be great, and in future we will have much more news about our company, events and not least our products.

Kind regards

Lars Rahbæk, CEO

Offer on new control system for JH MiniStrø

A new and innovative control system for JH MiniStrø
With the new generation of our control system for JH MiniStrø, JH Agro has emphasized higher user-friendliness, increased flexibility and brand new applications for the farmer.
It is possible to retrofit the new control system to all existing JH MiniStrø systems, and it is now our recommended control system for future JH MiniStrø installations.
The farmer receives a number of improvements and enhancements with the new control system, which includes a new switching zone system that allows up to 5 MiniStrø units on each rail system, as well as making it possible to operate the system via PC, mobile or tablet.
We have also developed a new weighing system that provides precise readings, simple feed curve settings, and accurate feed consumption detection, and is easy to read on the large 10″ touch screen.
We have listened to customer inputs and turned thise into tangible improvements in the system operations. In order to get the full benefit of the new control system, WIFI must be available with Internet access in the stable. This also allows the farmer to get remote support from JH Agro.
Until the end of August, our customers will receive a 15% promotional discount when placing an order on the new control system. We are already in the process of upgrading to new controls at existing customers.
Please contact our sales department for further information.