Automatic Bedding Distribution

Chopped straw and sawdust is ideal for bedding in cow boxes. The prerequisite for success is a dry and cut material. Extra absorbent and disinfecting agents can be added automatically to the straw and/or sawdust.


JHminiStrø automatically distributes straw or sawdust in all types of stables with boxes. The JHminiStrø is mounted on a rail system and is therefore never in direct contact with animals or inventory. As filling station for straw or sawdust the bale opening device for bales or dosing devices for loose material work well.

Save time and money

Distributing several times a day means a constant and good filling of bedding material in each box.
By automating the distribution of bedding material with JHminiStrø the time of spreading straw by hand can be saved.
With the frequent distribution of straw and/or sawdust up to 8 times a day, the bedding material is optimally used, which can mean a saving of up to 30 % of the bedding material.

Savings in the stable

Existing systems for distributing straw and sawdust bedding have that in common that they require a lot of space in the stable and solid floors. With the JHminiStrø the bedding material is distributed from a rail above the boxes, where a lot of money can be saved on the inventory of the stable.

JH Straw Chopping

The JH bale opening device is available for different bale sizes. The bales can be loaded into the device from three sides. In the device alone fits one bale of straw, but the device can be combined with an additional feeder table, on which several bales can be stored. On the device the JHminiStrø Straw Chopper can be mounted to cut the straw down to 2-15 cm before it is filled into the robot.