SmellFIGHTER is an add-on technology to the JH Slurry Acidification system, reducing odors from pig farms with up to 55 %.



Using a relatively simple mechanical process the technology efficiently reduces the odor from pig manure considerably. With many additional benefits and the fact that the technology is less costly than air cleaners is good news for the many owners of pig farms that want to expand, but are challenged by odor reduction requirements.

The SmellFighter separates out the solid fractions of the slurry, so that only the liquid is pumped back into the shed. This reduces the smell significantly. The solid fractions can be used as soil improvement or sent to a biogas plant / digester.


The advantage of the new SmellFighter system – compared to other odor-reducing solutions such as establishment of air cleaners that may require reconstruction of the roof on the barn – is that the technology is a much cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly solution. The system has very low operation costs.

Acidified slurry is more homogenous and easy to handle, which makes it perfect to separate. Using the SmellFighter add-on technology has positive effects also on the JH Slurry Acidification system that needs less energy and less sulfuric acids to lower the pH of the slurry. Taking out the solids of the slurry means virtually no more clogging up of pits inside the barn i.e. a fully automatic slurry handling system inside the barn!


SmellFighter can be applied to any type of pig farms, which have slatted floors and plain vacuum-transition of the slurry designed for using JH Slurry Acidification.

Tests of efficiency

The plant is tested in full scale from 2015 to 2016 in a production of finishers with 6,500 place units in collaboration with the Danish Research Centre for Pig Production (VSP). The final report is expected around 2016/2017.