Automatic Bedding Distribution

Separated or dried manure solids is a new interesting alternative to the already known bedding materials available for cow stables. Manure solids have the same advantages as sand – a flexible and steady bed that is formed after the cow. Manure solids let the cow rest and thus contributes to good health. Distributing dried manure solids several times a day has a good effect on the formation of bacteria, which is significantly less, when distributing with JHministrø automatic bedding distibutor.


The JHminiStrø robots for distribution of manure solids have a chain in the bottom instead of a belt for handling the material. They also have more motor and battery capacity. JHminiStrø is filled with the manure solids directly from a screw press separator or similar or from an external dosing device. The JHminiStrø robots will run up to 18 different tracks 8 times a day. This means that the manure solids are regularly distributed in a thin layer, which ensures that there is always fresh, dry bedding in the boxes.

Save time and money

The manure solids are recycled after separation and automatically distributed with the JHminiStrø robot in the stable. I.e. JHminiStrø makes it possible to have a system in the stable, where no external bedding material has to be added. The bedding material is extracted from the manure that is already in the stable. This saves time, hard work and purchase of bedding material, which can be a substantial saving.

Savings in the stable

When manually distributing dried manure solids there is a considerable danger of overfilling the boxes and thus extra large losses of bedding material in the first few days after filling. The level of bedding material in the boxes by this method will be very different in each box. When automatically distributing with JHminiStrø robot the level of manure solids will be more even in the boxes as well as more dry, because of the distribution in thin layers.