Automatic Bedding Distribution

Sand in boxes

Sand in boxes is widely used in cattle farming. The great advantage of sand is its weight. Sand is a heavy material and quickly establishes a flexible and stable bed which is formed after the cow.
Sand has a good effect on the well-being of the cows since sand inhibits the growth of bacteria and liquid is transported away from the surface of the bed. Sand leaves the cow to rest long and thus contributes to good health in the stable.


JHminiStrø automatically distributes sand in all types of boxes. The JHminiStrø robot is mounted on a rail system and is therefore not in contact with animals or other devices. The robot is filled from the 7 m3 dosing device for sand. The sand is filled in the robot via a rubber band. In the device can be stored enough sand for about one week.

Savings in the stable

Existing systems for sand distribution have that in common that they require a lot of space in the stable and solid floors. With the JHminiStrø the sand is distributed from a rail above the boxes, which means that a lot of money can be saved on the inventory of the stable.

Save time and money

Distribution several times a day means a constant and good degree of filling in each box.
In most stables it will take about 5 min. per m3 of sand for the transport and distribution in the boxes.
By automating the distribution with JHminiStrø this time can be saved. With the frequent distribution of sand up to 8 times per day, the sand is optimally used, which can mean a saving of up to 30 % of the bedding material.