Automatic feeding with JHminiStrø

The JHminiStrø system can be used to meet requirements of initiatives concerning increased animal welfare. Roughage like corn silage is ideal as both saturation food and as enrichment material.

Roughage for organic egg-laying hens

Feeding of roughage reduces feather pecking and cannibalism among egg- laying hens significantly. The hens will be more healthy and more productive.

Feeding roughage to sows

Feeding of roughage like for example corn silage to sows provide better saturated and thus less stressed animals and more healthy animals.


The JHminiStrø allows floor feeding with roughage such as corn silage in stables with sows and egg-laying hens. The roughage is mixed in and dosed in the robot from the JHminiStrø mixer. The mixing container of the JH mixer has a powerful, vertical screw for mixing the material. JHminiStrø robots for corn silage are stronger and with a bottom chain for the handling of the material.


The automatic distribution of corn silage with JHminiStrø allows simultaneous feeding of all animals. The JHminiStrø robot can pick up material at various times from up to four different filling stations. This allows the distribution of both food and employment material such as straw.