Automatic straw distribution

Employment material

With JHminiStrø it is possible to distribute employment – or enrichment – materials to sows in all housing sections for both gestation crates and free-range sows. The JHminiStrø robot is mounted on a rail system and thus moves around pens easily, providing every single animal in the stable with fine straw to enrich its environment.


The JHminiStrø robot is mounted on a rail system and is therefore not at any time in contact with animals or inventory in the stable.
JHminiStrø can be installed in both new and existing stables, mostly without having to make changes to the design or roof construction.

JH Straw Chopping

The JHminiStrø Straw Chopper can be mounted on our JH Bale Opening Device to cut straw down to 2-15 cm before it is filled into the robot and distributed in the pens.The JH bale opening device is for different sized bales, which can be loaded into the device from three sides. In the device alone fits one bale of straw, but the device can be combined with an additional feeder table, on which several bales can be stored.

Automatic bedding distribution

JH Bale Opening Device

Savings in the stable

Common to all systems on the market today to distribute employment material is that they require relatively much space. A JHminiStrø system does not take place around the stable, because it is mounted on rails. In addition, a rail mounted robot does not need to access through gates and doors in the stable, which can be reduced to a minimum.

Save time and money

By spreading straw several times a day, it is possible to save up to 30 % of the straw consumption and it will not be necessary to invest in other types of employment material. An automatic JHminiStrø system is the most time-saving system on the market.
With an extra feeder table for the bale opening device as filling station it is possible for the system to drive up to a week without intervention.