Automatic bedding distribution

Deep Litter

The importance of a well-bedded deep litter is well known. Especially in dairy cow herds one will experience increased health, if you offer the animals a dry bed. When lying in a well-bedded and dry bed the udder is better supplied with blood, the cow has more time for rumination, the musculoskeletal system is relieved and the hoofs can dry.


JHminiStrø robots 1000, 1500 and 3000 are ideal for distributing large amounts of straw to pigs, cattle, goats etc. in deep litter stables. JHminiStrø is mounted on a rail, and has no contact with animals or inventory in the stable. The robot does not interfere with the daily rhythm in the stable. JHminiStrø robots for deep litter have extra large distribution plates mounted to distribute straw in a width of 5-6 meters. As filling station in deep litter stables the bale opening device is very suitable.

Better environment in deep litter stables

When distributing straw with JHminiStrø it is possible to improve the environment in the stable greatly. The spreader discs distributes the straw at low speed, so that dust problems are minimal. The JHminiStrø robot which moves with the help of batteries have a very low noise level, so that the animals are not stressed.
In pig stables the animals are able to conduct their natural search behavior, which reduces the risk of tail biting.

Flexibility in daily operations

With JHminiStrø times and amounts of bedding in the stable sections and/or boxes can be programmed individually. The programming is done directly on the control box of the robot. JHminiStrø robots, which are mounted on a rail system in the stable, easily moves over doors and partitions, which are found in most stables.

Straw consumption

The consumption of straw for deep litter is very different – depending on the type of feed, dryness of straw, stocking density etc. For bigger suckler cows, heifers and bulls you need about 8-10 kg of straw per day / animal. Smaller heifers and bulls need less. Be aware of water losses from water troughs, that may increase the consumption of straw significantly.

Save 30 % straw with JHminiStrø
With distribution several times a day you use straw more effectively