JH Agro and JMW Farms signs contract on the first slurry acidification system in the UK

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During the summer period JH Agro A/S and JMW Farms Ltd. have signed a contract for delivery of the first JH Acidification NH4+ system in the UK. The system is to be installed on a farm in Northern Ireland.

This is an important milestone for JH Agro, as we have invested substantial resources and time in the development, documentation and commercialization of our system, says CEO Lars Rahbæk from JH Agro. The system enables pig farmers to reduce ammonia emissions from their farm by up to 64%, coupled with this valuable nitrogen recovered (instead of being released to the atmosphere), the improved animal health, consequent increase in crop yield potential of up to 15 %, ensure a steady payback on the investment.

The JH Acidification NH4+ system reduces the pH level in the slurry in a 100 % closed, fully automated and safe system. By adding very small and precise amounts of sulfuric acid the pH level is lowered to around 5,5-6 whereby ammonia is converted into ammonium. This ammonium is bound and remains stable in the slurry for up to 15 months.

The double environmental benefits are that we reduce both ammonia emissions and the odor inside and outside the farm, underlines Lars Rahbæk. Our system holds all relevant approvals and certifications, has been sold in the Danish market for more than 10 years, and is installed in more than 120 farms, producing either pigs or cattle.

Linton & Robinson Environment Ltd. is assigned as contractor and will be one of the representatives for JH Agro in the UK. They have a long experience with slurry management in agriculture building projects and hold many good references. We very much look forward to this co-operation, as Linton & Robinson delivers the important knowledge about the market, the customers and not least legislative requirements.

For detailed information about the JH Acidification NH4+ system: Contact Quentin Kelly-Edwards, Sales Manager UK & Ireland, qke@jhagro.com. Mob: +449557353435