New Slurry Acidification project

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New Slurry Acidification project

We will be delivering the environmental technology – four JH Slurry Acidification plants and two JH SmellFighter – for the new build of the biggest pig finisher unit of its kind in Northern Europe.

The unit consists of four identical buildings with a total of 32,500 places and 130,000 produced pigs per year.

The first building will be ready early 2018 with the rest following in 2018.

Cost-effective environmental technology

With the JH technologies:

  • Ammonia emissions from the new buildings will be reduced with 70 % (totally ca. 58.000 kg N/year)
  • Smell/odour will be reduced with ca. 50 %

There are many positive side effects to reduce ammonia emissions using in-house slurry acidification. It is not only a cost, but contributes positively to the bottom line figures of the farmer through better welfare inside the building and a rise in agricultural output of up to 15 % through better N and S utilization (find more positive side effects here: 10 Good Reasons To Acidify Slurry)

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If you want to read more about the project, you can find it here (article in Danish): Miljøløsning til kæmpe staldprojekt på Bregentved Gods