More valuable slurry with automatic distribution of straw

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More valuable slurry with automatic distribution of straw

There are many reasons as to why our customers decide for a JH system. In this barn in the Netherlands we have almost finished installing a JH system for bedding 250 cubicles with 500 kg straw every day.

Apart from automatising the straw distribution task – and even making it possible to distribute straw every day – the customer gets more valuable slurry out in the other end, which he sells to arable farms for a very attractive price.

The system consists of a 1500 liter JH Robot and a JH Bale Opener for big and round bales.

About JHminiStrø

The system JHminiStrø automatically distributes bedding materials such as straw, hay, sawdust, sand and separated or dried manure solids. The system can be installed in both existing and new barns.

JHminiStrø robots are small, but hardworking and distributes material every day, several times a day.

The JHminiStrø has been produced since 2004.

A JHminiStrø system consists of

 A rail system
 A filling station, where material is stored and filled in the robot
 A robot that distributes the material in the barn

The filling of bales or loose material in the filling station is the only manual work in connection with the system.

Advantages of JHminiStrø automatic distribution

Large capacity
Little manual work
Individual distribution in groups
Save up to 30 % of bedding material
Distribute several times a day
Little noise in the barn (batteries)
Robot does not interfere with the daily rhythm in the barn