Slurry acidification pig farmers

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Slurry acidification pig farmers

We have collected a few customer quotes from a couple of the around 100 pig farmers that have chosen a JH slurry acidification system:

Pig farmers

Kristian Kjaer, farmer, Vraa, Denmark (has 4 NH4+ systems)

In the barn, I can feel the air has improved. The amount of ammonia in the air has dropped significantly. We also find that there is less dust and medically, it is certain that there has been a significantly drop on the number of pigs with pleurisy.
On the field there is a clear plus. The evaporation of ammonia has stopped when spreading the slurry and the overall figures show that the increased yield by increasing the nutrients in the slurry pay the expenses connected to operating the system.

Jørn Willumsen, farmer, Linå, Denmark

It is obvious that the environment in the barn has improved since we had the Infarm slurry acidification installed. The air is more pleasant to be in. It gives us a better working environment, and I also think that that affects the animals positively.

Allan Bach, farmer, Fjerritslev, Denmark (has 2 NH4+ systems)

It was not solely to meet legal environmental requirements, that I chose to buy another NH4 + system. In fact we have a whole range of improvements and reductions in daily operations, thanks to the facility. But it is a clear advantage that we meet both regulatory requirements and get measurable improvements in a single investment.

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