Reference: green bedding

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Reference: green bedding

JH Automatic bedding distribution system in a dairy cow farm in Germany

All 250 cubicles in this barn are bedded automatically several times a day with separated manure solids. The bedding distribution has been completely automated with a JHminiStrø robot and a slurry screw press separator installed on a platform inside the barn.

The JH robot, hung on a rail system inside the barn, automatically collects separated manure solids (35-40 % DM) from the separator several times a day and distributes it in thin layers several times a day directly into the cubicles. This secures a more even level of manure solids in the cubicles as well as a more dry surface, that prevents the formation of bacteria.

Separated manure solids as bedding material provides a very flexible and steady bed that forms after the cow. In this German barn the effects are already showing on increased quality of the beds and thus the willingness of the dairy cows to lay down and rest.

Advantages of JH automatic bedding distribution

Small robot, large capacity
 Less manual work in the stable
Save up to 30 % of bedding material
Distribute several times a day
 Robot works quietly througout the day
Robot does not interfere with the daily rhythm in the stable

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