Reference: dairy cow farm

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Reference: dairy cow farm

JH Automatic bedding distribution system in a dairy cow farm in Belgium.

This brand new free stall barn has been built with great focus on easing labor and increasing animal comfort.

All cubicles are deep litter, which will be bedded with separated manure solids. The job has been completely automated with a JHminiStrø robot and a slurry separator installed behind the barn at about 4-5 meters height. The JH robot, hung on a rail system inside the barn, automatically collects separated manure solids from the separator several times a day and distributes it directly into the cubicles.

When automatically distributing with a JHminiStrø robot the level of manure solids will be more even in the cubicles as well as more dry, because of the distribution in thin layers several times a day. This has a positive effect on the formation of bacteria as well, which is significantly less, when distributing separated manure solids with JHministrø.

The first dairy cows will start using the new barn in October, 2016.

See a similar system working in a barn with separated manure solids here: